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B1A4 and their music production involvement

Coming back with a new Korean mini album, its once again time to compile the songs B1A4 had composed or written for. 

B1A4 Self Composed and Produced songs:

  1. Bling Girl
  2. Wonderful Tonight
  3. Baby, I’m Sorry
  4. Just the Two of Us (Baro helped w/ composition)
  5. Feeling
  6. Wonderful Tonight (unplugged)
  7. Baby Goodnight
  8. Because of You
  9. INTRO - In the Wind
  10. Tried to Walk
  11. What do you Want to Do

B1A4 wrote the lyrics for (but did not compose)

  1. Beautiful Target
  2. My Love
  3. This Time is Over
  4. So Fine
  5. Supersonic
  6. You are my Girl
  7. If…

From their 4 Korean albums that was released (29 songs), B1A4 composed 11 songs (38%) and wrote the lyrics for 18 songs. In total, B1A4 was involved in the musical production of 18/29 of their songs— Meaning that they participated in 62.1% of all their song productions. That’s quite impressive for a k-pop group. 

The star composer is Jinyoung. He is constantly improving as an artist and as a composer. There is a large improvement in his composition abilities since his debut—It’s quite remarkable really. Although his songs are originally very good and catchy, I find his new compositions very sophisticated and unique when compared to the past. Whereas there was a micro-small trace of amateurism in his earlier songs (though I’d hate to admit), I could not hear any in his newer tracks like “Because of You”, “In the Wind”,  ”Trying to Walk”,  and “What do you Want to Do?”. Jinyoung has blossomed into a star composer. It’s great to track his improvements as both an artist and composer. 

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